Friday, October 19, 2018

I Love Librarians

Lookie what's on the YA shelf in Neill Public Library in Pullman, WA!!! Thank you, Kathleen Ahern. To have Bound in a place where I spent so many happy hours reading and picking out books and albums to take home, brings me great joy. Libraries are truly the great equalizers. But it is very difficult for a self-published title to get into libraries. Why? There's no vetting process for them. They aren't reviewed in the various journals that librarians read to decide what books to carry. So unlike my other books that magically appear in schools and libraries all over the country, Bound is going to have to find its way into the hands of librarians through a different route. The one I'm planning is to apply for awards presented by the ALA. If Bound can win or be on the honor list, I'm sure it will get picked up by many libraries. So wish me luck! 

However, winning the Printz (a dream) isn't going to be so easy because I cannot even nominate my own book. So please, my friends, ask your local library to order Bound. Libraries are truly the best route because then the book is available to all in the community. And unless you request it, librarians will not know that it even exists. And perhaps a librarian will nominate my book. Why yes, I'm already dreaming of what I might want to mother's sari, most definitely.

A friend alerted me to these Instagram posts from a librarian, BarbinNebraska. Aren't her caricatures expressive?! I was so tickled to see Bound rubbing shoulders with Jada Jones!!! Note that Barb's nail-polish matches the books. This has to be the ultimate in cool. I really do love librarians!!! If I weren't a scientist or a writer, I'd be a librarian. Funny, I think Rebecca feels the same way :) 

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