Friday, February 8, 2019

BOUND reviewed in WSU Magazine

A friend congratulated me upon seeing a review of BOUND in the Washington State University alumni magazine. I often thought that I'd end up in the pages of WSU Magazine as the head of my own lab doing important work eradicating the world of infectious diseases, like malaria, or improving sustainable agriculture in poor countries like India. Little did I know back then that the battle to be fought would be about our very humanity. I'm so grateful to have a share in fighting the culture of death that has pervaded our society through my story.   

"Bound is a unique novel that gives the reader a look into the struggles of adoption, injuries, growing up, and complex family dynamics. Young readers from diverse cultures and nontraditional backgrounds may be able to relate to some of Rebecca's adversities and see a bit of themselves in her." ~ Yasmeen Wafai

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