Thursday, May 14, 2020

Short Books

I have drawers full of short stories and poems and decided that this is the year I will make them available as a collection. And with this coronavirus pandemic, our children returned home shortly after Spring Break. What a blessings it has been. One of the fruits has been the gift of original line art from my daughter for a collection of short stories about the time when they were little. I thought with so many families homeschooling and hunkered down at home, this would promote the simple joys of childhood.

And when a friend told us about a writing contest, we got to work! We didn't win but we have this beautiful and sensible book to share. I hope you all will take a look. Happy reading and writing.

Max and Dagny is a collection of 20 easy-to-read stories, poems, and fun facts for beginning readers. It's available as a paperback (recommended) or e-book with darling little illustrations from my daughter. Free preview here

Why in the World? is a nonfiction book about the Coronavirus pandemic for children aged 6-12. It covers basic virology and immunology, brilliantly illustrated by Kris Manning. It's only available as an ebook at this time. 


  1. Congrats, Vijaya! That's wonderful how you and your daughter were able to collaborate on this book. It sounds lovely!

  2. Thank you Jenni. I am loving this time together and it harkens back to our time when they were little.