Short Books

Published 2020

These short books are totally self-indulgent projects. Some of the stories within have been published in children's magazines. I love these stories because they remind me of our simple life when my children were small. So I've compiled them for others to enjoy as well. 

Max and Midnight is a chapter book about their adventures they have as they grow up with line art from my daughter. Available as a paperback (recommended) or ebook. Free preview

Midnight and Baby Max is a picture book in photographs about a kitten and a baby. It's available as a paperback (recommended) or e-book. Free preview.   

Max and Dagny is a collection of 20 easy-to-read stories, poems, and fun facts for beginning readers. It's available as a paperback (recommended) or e-book with darling little illustrations from my daughter. Free preview

Why in the World? is a nonfiction book about the Coronavirus pandemic for children aged 6-12. It covers basic virology and immunology, brilliantly illustrated by Kris Manning. It's only available as an ebook at this time.