Short Books

Published 2020

These short books are totally self-indulgent projects. Some of the stories within have been published in children's magazines. I love these stories because they remind me of our simple life when my children were small. So I've compiled them for others to enjoy as well. 

Join best friends Max and Midnight on their adventures, from chasing bubbles to conquering noises in the dark. They are inseparable. Max’s world widens as he begins to speak, go to school, and make new friends. But Midnight has her paw firmly on his heart. Her world expands too. Alas, one night Midnight gets lost in the forest. What is Max to do? He has to believe their bond of love will guide her home. Illustrated by my daughter. Available as a paperback (recommended) or ebookFree preview.

Join Max and Dagny as they read and write, plant and pick, look and listen, stretch and sway, watch and wait. Max and Dagny is a collection of 20 easy-to-read stories, poems, and fun facts for beginning readers. It's available as a paperback (recommended) or e-book with darling little illustrations from my daughter. Free preview here

Join Midnight as she finds a new baby, baby Max. Share the joys of early childhood as baby and kitten discover each other, learn from one another, and grow in their love together in Midnight and Baby Max. Children will delight in the simple sentences, repetition, and original photographs. Available as a paperback (recommended) or e-bookFree preview.

Knowledge is power! What's coronavirus? How does it make you sick? How can we fight it? What can we do? And many more questions children ask, answered in an easy-to-understand manner in Why in the World? It covers basic virology and immunology, brilliantly illustrated by Kris Manning. Appropriate for children aged 6-12. It's only available as an ebook at this time.